10 Outdoor Activities to do with your Children

My children love anything to do with being outdoors, from jumping on a trampoline or bouncy castle to walking through a forest and playing on the beach, exploring the sea life that can be found on our shores. And apparently they are not alone.

A recent survey found that children want to learn more about the environment, and consider learning about it even more important than learning about traditional subjects such as history, geography and science.

I’m pretty sure that any teacher worth their salt would argue that the traditional subjects cover various topics on the environment, such as the landscape of the country in geography, and how climate change is affecting certain species in biology, but why leave the learning to school. Why not use this article as an excuse to get out and about and get your kids fascinated in the world around them.

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Weekends were made for fun and exploration, so if you are struggling for ideas why not check out the suggestions below:


1. Visit the zoo or safari park


2. Head to the park for fun on the swings


3. Have a picnic outdoors, be it the garden, the park or a zoo


4. Splash out and take the kids to a theme park


5. Make a beeline for the sea and let the kids make sandcastles with real sand


6. Head to your nearest forest or woodland is for your very own adventure


7. Tire the kids out at the closest adventure play area

8. Visit the nearest castle or grand house for adventures in the gardens.


9. Why not find your closest steam railway and go for a steam train ride


10. Meet the animals at your nearest wildlife centre or open farm


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The Food List – Likes and Dislikes

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My two wonderful children have got to be two of the fussiest eaters around. Getting my 3 year old to eat a full meal on a daily basis is a constant struggle, and while some days he will love a particular food, the next day he won’t. Organising meals around likes and dislikes proves to be
impossible so the new strategy in our kitchen is to make whatever was planned. If they don’t like it they don’t eat, and that includes any tasty treats we were going to have afterwards.

So far, it’s gone surprisingly well and both kids are eating healthier meals, but by no means are they eating all of their meals, and they still refuse to eat certain things. It was on this basis that I decided to list down their likes and dislikes and see if I can see any similarities.

Just the act of writing down their likes and dislikes in a list form surprised the heck out of me. I have always tagged my 3 year old as the fussiest eater but either my brain refuses to co-operate (as my list of dislikes is amazingly small) or he is a much better eater than I give him credit for. Of course, he would very happily survive solely on a diet of chocolate if you let him, but he eats a lot more than I realised.

Another thing that screams out at me from the list is that Joe eats hardly any vegetables! And this I MUST fix.

I completely got it wrong as I was convinced before I put pen to paper that my 1 year old would have a list of likes longer than my arm as he always seems to be eating, and my 3 year old would have a maximum of 10 different foods on his like list as he picks around everything. In fact my 1 year old’s list was much shorter than the list for my 3 year old, and their dislike list was pretty similar. So while I have been focussing all my efforts on trying to come up with different meals for my eldest, it’s my youngest who needs more attention as his list included maybe 3 vegetables in total. Not a great start!


My next mission is to find some child friendly recipes with cleverly disguised goodness.

For any other mums out there who are worried about what their children are eating I would definitely recommend doing a similar exercise. Simply write down a list of your children’s likes and dislikes.

I am pleasantly surprised at the foods my 3 year old likes, and the variety of foods he consumes has made me more confident that he is getting a balanced diet. I am now also conscious of the fact that I need to get more veg into my 1 year old’s diet. Well worth the 10 minutes it took to create the list on the train on my way into work.

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