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Like This Theme – Here’s how to get it for yourself

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To go completely off topic, there have been a good number of comments asking how this site was created and what coding was used, so hopefully this post will go some way to answering all the comments.  

This site is hosted using WordPress, which is an Open Source tool preferred by many bloggers due to the flexibility it gives. If you’ve never heard of WordPress before, and are thinking of creating your own site I can definitely recommend using it as it is very intuitive.

When I first created this site I used, which enables you to have a blog without needing to host it on a server. However, I quickly decided I wanted complete ownership so chose a hosting company – JustHost – which had a one click installation service for WordPress.

It was easy to swop the existing content from to a hosted account, which uses and you can find out how to do this here.

Once the WordPress installation has been completed you can log in to WordPress and start customising your site. Originally I used the TwentyTen theme but have recently moved over to the Atahualpa theme. The main reason I did this was because I wanted people to be able to search for an article based on their chosen category e.g. play.

The layout you see on the page is the basic Atahualpa layout and needed no particular expertise, so anyone could use the same theme. To add this theme to your site, simply go to the Site Admin page and under the appearance tab click on themes. Search for the Atahualpa theme and then simply click on install. The theme will then replace your current website theme. You will have to do a little bit of re-adjusting in the Widgets area if you have widgets already in place as these will drop out but it is simply a drag and drop procedure to get them back up.

If you want to play with the layout of your new page view you can do so by clicking into the Appearance tab in the Site Admin area and there should be a link to Atahualpa Theme Options. The changes I made were to simply hide a couple of the columns and widen the main sidebar, which was all done in the settings for the Atahualpa theme. You can choose which sidebars to show and which ones to hide, and the width and general layout for your page. You can then choose to have comments visible or hidden, and you can choose what you want in the sidebars. I went for Google AdSense to see if I could make some pennies if anyone clicked through to the advertised links.  

Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun trying out new themes and layouts.

Another comment that was repeatedly posted on this site asked whether other websites could link to this one. The answer to this is `Yes’, although I would appreciate a link back to this site. Due to the content on this site I would prefer it if any adult-oriented sites did not link back as this site is aimed towards parents of young children. I do not want children exposed to any adult material from my site and would appreciate it if you respected this one rule.

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